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Why Did I Write This Book?


My name is Gideon For-mukwai For-mukwai. I love storytelling as a strategic business tool. For a long time,   I 've been sick and  tired of storytelling books that only teach the art of storytelling. Out of my frustration, I 've written a book that captures the underlying science of story; so that you can craft business stories that attract customers, energize your employees, and deepen your connection with new prospects.

I wrote this book to encourage, nudge and empower entrepreneurs, teachers and leaders to express complex ideas in ways that are simple to grasp. Why is that important? It is important to win hearts and minds because this makes you remarkable and memorable.

Today, teachers, entrepreneurs  and leaders (TELers) must become better storytellers because of increasing technical information. With a story, you can show compassion and clarity to your teams.  This explains why Lincoln, Churchill and Martin Luther were able to accomplish historical feats. Each one of them was a master storyteller.

They used storytelling to inspire millions and to change the course of human history. You don't have to be anyone else. Just be yourself. Use your stories and narratives carefully to uplift your family, friends, and followers.

Are you using your stories to inspire? If not, why not?

The ability to tell a good story is of strategic importance today. It also enables you to connect with others, without coming across as pushy. When others feel respected, your likability and credibility grows.

Here comes a resource you can trust. Inspired by recent research from neuroscience, neuroeconomics and psychology, this book offers secret tools, templates and techniques you can use with no sweat.  It helps you to connect, persuade and uplift those you serve. Please, use these techniques ethically!

Effective storytelling enables you to  build buzz, generate excitement and attract new prospects and customers to your ideas, business or service. In short, it is capable of winning hearts and minds for a profit or a PURPOSE Bigger than yourself.

What Makes This Book Different?

This book combines elements of neuroscience with dramatic arts to create fascinating and engaging stories. Based on The Story DNA Method, a method that I 've refined over 10 years to out-speak more talented people, I believe it is a game changer. If you can use it to trigger the right responses, you become unforgettable to your audience.

It also shows you how to build likability and credibility by Closing the Empathy Gap. With practical tools for daily implementation, even a beginner can gain mastery based on a series of daily story work-outs that last one full month.

Unlike most books on this topic, this book goes an extra mile to help you discover how to:

-- leverage the power of neurons and hormones to gain audience buy-in,

-- craft stories that get instant attention and connection; even with strangers,

-- carefully select stories that inspire action,

-- combine the science and art of storytelling like Hollywood legends,

-- deliver stories that "emodutain" by getting them to learn, love and laugh out loud

-- tell remarkable and memorable stories based The N-Factors from Neuroscience


Business executives who have a mastery of storytelling are able to better engage, encourage and empower their team members. They are just like a classical conductor who is capable of engaging the entire orchestra, but without compromising a deep connection with the audience.


Nobody was born a conductor, or a storyteller.

Great storytellers  just like conductors, are made in the laboratory of life.

If you 've had a life, I can show you how to tell fascinating stories based on your ordinary facts.


This book focuses on identifying the facts and the hidden conductor in you. It also helps you to find, harness and position your silent musical genius (talent) to the benefit of those who look up to you: your employees, students, family, friends, customers, community, country and generation.

I am afraid, other books tend to focus ONLY on the "songs and lyrics." This book focuses on helping you to discover your "voice, and melody;"  before showing you how to combine that in tuning a great song.  This will therefore, enable you to stand out to win the hearts and minds of your followers, when you sing.

In essence, The Science of Story Selling demonstrates the power of subtle persuasion when the underlying science and art are working in harmony. In this book you will also find other easy to use resources such as:

-- templates for increasing the resonance of your message,

-- tools for crafting messages that generate buzz,

-- techniques for polishing and fine-tuning stories that provoke immediate action,

-- strategies to deliver with substance and style.


My Journey --

I know how it feels to like to stumble and fumble on a stage with 300 people watching. I 've been there. I nearly ran to the exit door in Toronto, Canada in 2005. It was too late to run or to call the ambulance.

That tragedy made me a better human being. It paved the way to my career in speaking. 10 years later, I have spoken in 18 countries. What is going to stop you? Nothing! With storytelling you 'd be invited to speak in countries you never thought existed. I have seen my fair share of that.

If this is possible for a kid who grew up on a pumpkin farm in Africa, how much more of you? Don't let any excuse to hold you back. I did not let the Toronto tragedy to stifle my wings. I have turned it into cash cow. You can turn your uncertainty into opportunity.

Rise and find your voice,

Who Will Benefit From This Book?

If you are sick and tired of seeing presenters reading off their PowerPoint slides, this book is for you.

If you 're fed up with presenters reading bullet points instead of telling stories with a key-point, this book is for you.


Are you a teacher, an entrepreneur or a leader? Are you a trainer, coach, workshop facilitator, salesperson, or a speaker? Are you a manager or leader who has to inform, influence and inspire? If your answer is yes, The Science of Story Selling has the seeds of greatness for you.


-- Do you want to build rapport and connections for a profit or a purpose that is bigger than you?

-- Have you ever had to face a distracted audience with people yawning and looking outside?

-- Do you wanna grab their attention and keep it going?

-- Look no further. Start here!


The Science of Story Selling shows you how to trigger the “amygdala” and get its full attention when you speak.

Once the amygdala is intrigued, excited and interested in what you have to offer, the rest of the brain will tune-in. It is that simple. The same applies when you use certain words that instantly get a response or cause the release of neurons or hormones that stimulate specific activities. Let me show you how to do that.

Years ago, I suffered from stage freight, quite often. Some of my most talented friends even gave up a speaking career because they were clueless about how to deal with a distracted audience. To overcome my loneliness, I sought to learn all from mentors and coaches in USA, Australia, Canada, Africa and Asia.

It has paid off!

I ‘ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in the last 14 years learning various aspects of audience-engagement: improv, drama, stand up comedy, voices, neuro-leadership, the science of mindset, and yes and today I am obsessed with neuroscience and its applications to communication.

It turns out, storytelling is by far the best audience-engagement skill I have ever learned. It comes packed with poetry, humor, improv and any literary tool that you can embed into a story, through a character. None of the other literary genres give you these many option for expression of an idea or persuasion.


-- This explains why I am proud to stand behind this book as my brainchild.

-- I trust you 'd enjoy it. Wherever you go, tell your story.

-- You never know who is listening, and how this will change your life.


My conclusion is simple. Your Story is Your Asset. Invest Wisely!


The Science of Story Selling

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About the Author

Gideon helps professionals to tell captivating stories to influence and inspire more followers for a bigger purpose, or for a profit motive.

He is a battle-tested storyteller who ’s used storytelling to build his business and to win speaking awards in Asia and America. For over  a decade, he has used his Story DNA Method in teaching over 17,200 executives in 18 countries worldwide.

Not withstanding his "goofy" accent, he is often ranked in the top one percent at major conferences worldwide. He fervently believes that without storytelling, he won't not even stand a chance against the giants from the Ivy Leagues with all their clout, eloquence and air of invincibility.



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Have you ever found yourself facing an audience that is distracted and not responding to your questions? Perhaps, some looking out the window or playing with their cell phones while you are talking. Perhaps, they are fidgeting with each other and ignoring you.

In the face of such a situation, it can feel very lonely. I 've been there.

Earlier in my career, I was desperate to avoid this kind of loneliness. I sought to do everything I could to learn new tools to better engage my audiences. For over 10 years, I ‘ve spent thousands of dollars learning various aspects of speaking; humor, improvisation, drama and you name it.

Are you a teacher who is expected to teach complex topics to ill-interested students? Are you a trainer, workshop facilitator, speaker or seminar leader? Are you a manager or leader who has to inform, influence and inspire? If your answer is yes, science of story selling is for you.

If your work involves persuasion or getting an individual or a group to buy-into your ideas, the Science of Story Selling is for you. You can expect to benefit ideas, techniques and breakthroughs from neuroscience, psychology, and dramatic art.

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ReviewsThe Science of Story Selling

At last! A book that tells us not only how to give a presentation to a group of people, but also how to scientifically structure that talk to elicit the reaction you want in your listener’s brain. Gideon For-mukwai’s “The Science of Story Selling – How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Prospects for Profit and Purpose” gives us a thoroughly readable and engaging guide that shows us how to craft a story based on physiology and human interest to sell a product or idea.

He knows what he is talking about, too, as he engages us quickly so that we pay attention to find out just how to do this. Mr. For-mukwai is generous in sharing ideas and examples, including stories from his own experience, to illustrate his points. If you want to make a point, tell a story, and he shows us how to do it, step by step. We learn that stories are the new social currency—a fresh idea that makes us stop and think—and who couldn’t use some new currency of any kind these days?

For anyone who is serious about selling or public speaking, pick up this book and learn how the brain responds chemically to different ideas and emotions to help you appeal to it in the most effective way. The Science of Story Selling will help your business and your speaking style—but it will also entertain you.

Barbara Lauger
Chicago, USA
March 23, 2015




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